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Erko Confectionery is one of the 6 companies within Erko Group which has been importing and exporting in different sectors for many years. The purpose of Erko Confectionery is; using traditional lines as a means of making a difference.

When the subject is Turkish delight, our factory continues to produce with a viewpoint that does not ignore the modernism of today and the traditional influences from our history. We set out with the philosophy of ‘’Trusting is more important than being loved”.

Apart from Turkish Delight, which is our main starting point, halva and jam productions are also continuing in our factory. We have adopted an effort to step up an era to deep-rooted tradition of Turkish Delight market with our vision and mission.

While we form the basis of our principles, we evaluate the demands of the domestic and international market. Our domestic focus is on responding to the expectations of our nation and introducing our country abroad in the best way.

 In accordance with our vision, our investments are always future-oriented and our efforts to achieve better in business development, therefore; production will always continue. In the light of our vision and mission, “Aileden” is our main brand that will meet all demands in domestic and international market. As the name implies, our brand “Aileden” which means “From Family” will adhere to the modernism of the era while emphasizing Turkish hospitality, friendship and helpfulness. Therefore; like an old traditional Turkish adverb says; “40 year of friendship starts with genuine, pot-boiled Turkish coffee” and will ensure that our country will be in the limelight with our products. All of the Turkish delight which has gained worldwide reputation are in our product range such as; mixed fruit delight, Rose flavor Turkish delight comes from Mesopotamia, Pistachio Turkish delight and many more flavors reach your tables with the help of our masters.

The only address that will come to your mind when you talk about Turkish delight will be always ‘’Aileden”.